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Highly Effective Teaching

The Center for Effective Learning is a multi-faceted organization offering consulting, training, and custom-designed services to meet the immediate and long-term needs of educational leaders nationally and internationally. We are the experts in brain-based teaching and learning while providing the original brain-compatible trainings and research-based services since 1984. Our goals include raising achievement levels and academic performance bolstering educational excellence, teacher satisfaction, and community outreach. We draw on years of actual classroom experience and offer assistance through nationally acclaimed Master Educators who work with schools and districts to assist them in improving performance and becoming successful.

The Center for Effective Learning follows important developments in brain research and neurobehavioral science, synthesizing the information and offering viable solutions toward improving education in PreK-12 schools and districts as well as colleges. We go beyond one-day presentations in professional development and offer practical strategies while we coach and mentor instructors on the levels of implementation. Now being used in the United States, Asia, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South America, and Switzerland, the Highly Effective Teaching education model helps to create successful schools!

Resources and HET materials are offered through Books for Educators (click logo in the lower left corner to visit website). We invite you to inquire about our services and the Highly Effective Teaching Model, created by Susan Kovalik, or share suggestions as to how we can assist by clicking on the contact link below or calling our corporate office at (253) 815-8800.

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